Hair Services

Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, thick, or thin hair, we work with all types and lengths to cut, color, and style your locks for a look that’s truly stunning. From a simple haircut and highlights to hair treatments and extensions, we offer plenty of hair services to meet all your needs.

Each appointment at AK Lounge begins with a visit to our refreshment center so you can pick out a refreshing beverage and snack to enjoy during your initial consultation before the magic begins. During the consultation, your stylist will listen to your hair goals, analyze the current condition of your hair, and then tell you exactly what they will do in order to get your desired result. Should you have any concerns or questions, please be sure to voice them during your consultation. We make it a priority to ensure our clients are heard and their hair dreams come to life! We can’t wait to do the same for you.


Haircut: $25-$100

Shampoo & Style: $35+


Color Retouch: $60

This is ideal for those times when you need a little root cover-up. Rather than dye every strand from top to bottom, we’ll only color the roots where you need coverage the most.

Stretch Root: $100

During your root touch-up, we’ll weave out your strands in sections to extend the root color further down the length of your hair, creating a nice, natural blend.

All Over Color: $125

We can approach this single-process hair color technique in one of three ways. The semi-permanent option is gentle on your strands but fades a little quicker, while permanent is slightly tougher on your hair but offers longer-lasting results. We can also provide a nice balance of both with the demi-permanent option, which is a happy medium if you’re unsure of how long you want the color to last.

Base Breaker: $45

This method is designed to softly lighten newly growing strands of hair in between your highlighting or coloring sessions.

Glaze/Toner: $60

These products diminish unwanted undertones, help you maintain your desired color, and add a little bit of extra shine to your hair.

Extra Color: $35

How do you make a color stand out? By adding more of it!

Highlights: $90-$200+

Whether you want dramatic highlights that stand out from the crowd or simple highlights for a more subtle look, we can find the perfect tones to match your personality.

Lowlights: $45-$100+

We’ll paint sections of your hair with a darker shade than your base color to add in some extra depth and definition.

Add Fashion Color to Highlights: $30+

If you want highlights that are truly unique, opt for fashion colors. These bright and vivid shades can make any hairstyle fun and exciting.

Solid Blonde (Bleach Retouch/Full Bleachout): $150-$165+               

If you want a dramatic look, we suggest going solid blonde. Whether you want platinum or golden blonde strands, we can help you find the color that suits you best.

Fashion Color Removal: $165

When you’re ready to go natural again or you simply want to try another shade, we can help you lift away those fashion color pigments to get you ready for your next hairstyle.

Ombres/Balayage/Flamboyage: $125-$300+

With ombre styling, colors transcend from darker to lighter as you go from the root to the ends. Move on to balayage for a freehand hair painting approach and more natural-looking highlights. Finally, flamboyage mimics the techniques of both ombre and balayage to deliver great contrasting shades with lighter tones at the tips. 

Hair Treatments

If you want to repair and rebuild damaged strands, we offer a variety of treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair for better resilience against harsh chemical effects.

Olaplex Treatment: $80

Olaplex w/ Color Service or Brazilian Blowout: $35

Malibu Makeover Stand Alone: $80

 Brazilian Blowout

This smoothing technique uses a liquid keratin formula designed to hydrate and strengthen strands while reducing frizz, creating a more effective and gentle approach to traditional straightening.

Brazilian Blowout: $175-$350

Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment: $80

Mini Brazilian Blowout Style: $65

Hair Extensions

From shorter add-ons to longer strands to something in between, we have a variety of lengths to suit your preferences. Whether you want extensions that match your natural hair color or you want to explore some vibrant pinks and blues, AK Lounge is your go-to spot for the perfect hair extensions. For more information and exact pricing, schedule a consultation with us.