Pre-Treatment and After Care

  • Please wear your normal makeup to the procedure. If you are having lips or brows done please bring your favorite makeup colors.
  • If you are having lip color done and have had previous problems with cold sores,fever blisters, or mouth ulcers, the procedure is likely to re-activate the problem. Please take Valtrax for 5 days before the procedure and 5 days after.
  • apply ointment sparingly multiple times daily for 7 days following the procedure, using a clean cotton swab; not your finger.
  • Do not rub or pick the epithelial crust; allow it to flake off on its own. There should be absolutely no scrubbing, no cleansing creams or chemicals. Gently cleanse the inter-dermal cosmetic area with a mild antibacterial soap. You may rinse with water and pat the area dry.
  • Do not soak treated area in bath, swimming pool or hot tub. Do not swim in fresh, salt or chlorinated pool water.
  • Do not expose treated area to the sun.
  • Use a total sun block after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of pigment color.
  • Do not use any old eye makeup, mascara or eyelash curler while area is healing. Use new makeup while area is healing.
  • If you are a blood donor you cannot give blood for 1 year following your procedure.(Per American Red Cross)
  • Use sterile bandages and dressings when necessary ( Areola and camouflage procedure )
  • You can apply ice to treated area for 10-30 minutes. Ice helps reduce swelling and aids in healing.
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