It’s absolutely normal to be a little nervous when getting ready for your first permanent makeup appointment. Many times people don’t know what to expect or read too many reviews about bad permanent makeup artists which leave them feeling nauseous to say the least. But rest assured your in great hands at AK Lounge! In this blog, we are going to briefly run through what to expect after walking through our doors.

Getting to Know You

We know how nerve-racking getting permanent makeup can be so we focus on making you as comfortable as possible. You will always know what’s coming next (unless you specifically don’t want to know) and we will be talking to you the whole time – mostly about our kids, the crazy traffic, the places we want to visit, the people who’ve gotten the same procedure done, you get the picture. And don’t worry! We want you to talk to us too! Our clients are our friends and that’s exactly how you’ll be treated.

The Numbing

One of the most important steps is getting the area numbed properly so you can have a painless experience. We allow for ample time to make sure the numbing product can work correctly. The last thing we want are tears. After we are certain all is numb and well, we get to the fun part!

The Art

The main reason you came to us is because you want to enhance your natural beauty so that’s what we’re going to do. You won’t feel a thing due to our numbing system which you can read more about here. Getting permanent makeup is the same process as getting a tattoo except that we’ve been able to reduce the recovery time by using high quality equipment and learning from experience.

Are there going to be needles? Yes. Are you going to feel them? No. Will it take a long time? Usually not, but it depends on the procedure. We don’t rush these things. Is the recovery time long? Not at all. Just follow our suggestions after your procedure.

You are going to look flawless. Stop worrying. Take a deep breath and relax. We’ve got it all under control. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to help.

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