Staying up-to-date with the latest makeup trends can give your look some extra pizzazz. Tattooed lip liner is just one of the procedures that is increasing in popularity when it comes to making your lips pop. It’s a simple and easy way to get bigger lips that match your skin tone perfectly. Kenny at AK Lounge has everything it takes to get you beautiful lips in just a few steps.


Is Lip Liner Right for You?

Do you want full and defined lips that make you look sexy and bold? Are you lacking lip color or just simply want to enhance them? If you want to have natural-looking and gorgeous lips, you should definitely consider tattooed lip liner. This is a great solution for those individuals who don’t have a steady hand or who simply want a ready-to-go look to match their busy schedule. You can benefit from permanent lip liner that is guaranteed to last for years and offers additional touch-up appointments for optimal results. It is non-invasive, features no injections, has minimal swelling, and is a quick and easy way to have permanent lip definition with your natural color intact.

How it Works

With the right blending techniques, we can get you lips that enhance your beauty while keeping it subtle yet effective. At AK Lounge, we are dedicated to giving you a professional and pain-free experience. You’ll be given numbing cream to help eliminate discomfort while the outer curves of your lips are tattooed with permanent ink to match your natural skin color. You will see the difference immediately!

AK Lounge offers a variety of permanent cosmetic services for its clients to choose from. You can get tattooed lip liner for $200 or full lip color for $475. If you want even more savings, AK Lounge offers a special package deal of lip liner and lip color for $475 as well. Now that’s what I call affordable! Permanent lip liner and lip color can benefit your appearance so why not take a chance and go for it. The advantages are well worth the cost.

Learn More about This Procedure

If you’re still considering whether getting tattooed lip liner is the right thing for you, you can head on over to our official page and read more about what this procedure looks like and how it can benefit you. You can find more info on our Permanent Cosmetics FAQ page and our Pricing page. Feel free to stop by AK Lounge as well to talk to Kenny one-on-one and book your appointment today!

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