If you’re planning on getting a permanent makeup procedure done, you should be aware of a few tips that can come in handy to help you prepare your skin before seeing your permanent makeup artist. There is not a lot you need to do but there are some things that will help make the transition from start to finish even better!

Get Everything You Need

You will most likely want to stay home after you have your procedure done because you may have slight swelling and your final results could take a day or so to appear. This is why it can be helpful to go to the convenience store ahead of time and purchase some items that will make the healing process smoother. For instance, getting the right ointment is key. You will need this to help keep your skin clean and moisturized. Other light creams or ointments can help ensure your skin is all nice and ready to have your procedure done.

Be Responsible

Don’t drink highly caffeinated or alcoholic beverages before your appointment. Also, you should wait a few days to have your procedure if you’ve just had another cosmetic procedure done like getting your eyebrows waxed. If you’re taking any kind of medication, give it some time before you book your appointment so your body and skin are ready for a procedure. One last tip is that you shouldn’t make plans to do anything remotely strenuous or social for that matter because you should give yourself some time to relax and heal properly.

Consult With Your Permanent Makeup Artist

It is highly important that you talk to your permanent makeup artist for more detailed and specific tips to help you prepare for your procedure. Depending on whether you are getting makeup applied to your eye area, lips, cheeks, hair area, etc., the prep requirements will vary. You should always be prepared before getting your makeup done so that you will experience the best results from beginning to end.


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