Sometimes you can experience a lack of skin color when your skin gets damaged. This is known as hypopigmentation and can easily be cured with permanent makeup. Kenny offers his permanent cosmetic services to help restore your skin to its previous healthy state in a completely non-invasive procedure.

What Causes Hypopigmentation?

Hypopigmentation is when you experience discoloration or a loss of color when there is an imbalance within the layers of your skin. This can be caused by a variety of sources, such as undergoing something cosmetic like a chemical peel or skin treatment to something as simple as having excessive exposure to the sun or a surgical scar. This is why it is important to take care of your skin and give it the right protection. Hypopigmentation can occur with both men and women who have damaged skin, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever.

Whether you’re experiencing a severe case of hypopigmentation or something less dramatic, there are ways to help tackle the missing color in your skin. One great solution that can have consistent results is having a permanent makeup treatment done on the affected area(s) to get your skin back to a healthy and radiant state.

How to Treat It

Now that you’ve read about what causes hypopigmentation, here are some great tips on how to treat it to repair the state and appearance of the damaged skin. A permanent makeup procedure is a positive solution to your skin problems and can provide you with long lasting results that you can’t find with concealer alone.

This procedure is non-surgical and, with the right permanent cosmetic specialist, you should feel little to no discomfort at all during your appointment. Using only the finest needles, the affected areas of the skin will be gently tattooed with the right color pigments to match your individual skin tone. These injections will help your skin regain its natural color without the need for surgery or excessive treatments. You’ll want to make sure to book a second application appointment for a touch-up because this will greatly enhance the look of your skin by sharpening and maintaining its color.

How We Can Help

We are completely dedicated to providing each and every client with a satisfactory experience to remember. Our use of Premier Pigments allows us to give you just that and more. Using modern-day technology and diligent research, we have been able to provide consistent and enhanced coloring techniques to reduce fading and the need to have touch-ups.

We also provide detailed information on our website to help you with preparing for a permanent makeup procedure and the proper after care to help you heal faster and experience results sooner. For a list of helpful tips and resources to get the best out of your appointment, you can visit our Permanent Cosmetics FAQ for everything you need to know about this procedure.

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