Painless Permanent MakeupBecause what could be more convenient than waking up and not having to put on makeup? Permanent makeup or micropigmentation has become increasingly popular over the past few years and people of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from its application. From eyebrows and lip color to eyeliner and hair follicles, a great permanent makeup artist can give you amazing results that will last a lifetime.

But let’s be honest, nobody wants to endure pain even if it does mean saving countless hours everyday applying makeup. One of the biggest questions we get from our clients is “Is it going to hurt?” Simple answer: Nope. Nada. Not even a little bit.

How to Have a Pain-Free Experience

Why would we want to put you through excruciating pain? At AK Lounge, experienced permanent makeup artist, Kenny, will ensure your experience is painless and perfect. He goes out of his way to guarantee his clients are comfortable during the process, which to him means no pain whatsoever.

Kenny is a trailblazer in permanent cosmetics and has created a system that allows his clients to reap the benefits of permanent makeup without having to fear a painful procedure. He does this by ensuring the area is constantly numbed with anesthetic and strictly monitors the time it is applied. He also switches between areas to allow the anesthetic to properly do its job. He doesn’t rush. When you’re there, you are his only priority. Plus, he uses great tools commonly used by tattoo artists which are of much better quality than any of the permanent makeup tools on the market.

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Why go to a permanent makeup artist that doesn’t have the experience or systems that allow you to have a painless experience? Basically, why be in pain if you don’t have to? Plus, with Kenny’s background as a tattoo artist, you get the best – creativity, attention to detail and knowledge. He understands that this is permanent and he wants to make sure you get the best look possible. Still have questions? Call him. He’d love to talk to you.

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