A new trend that’s been gaining some popularity in the beauty department is permanent eyebrow tattooing. Also known as microblading, this procedure is great for clients who are looking to enhance their brows due to thinning or hair loss. Take a look at how it works and how it can change the way you see permanent makeup.


Intensify Your Look with Microblading

Do you get up every morning and think about how you can make your eyebrows look better? Do you imagine them being thicker and voluminous rather than dull and thin? If this is what you’re dreaming about, then you should consider microblading. It’s a procedure for eyebrows that thickens the look of your brows by using a small blade to transfer pigment under the skin. You’ll essentially be tattooed with what closely resembles hair strands. The end product is amazing, and you’ll hardly notice the difference between natural and tattooed hair.

Guarantee Lasting Results

Microblading gives you hair that looks completely natural. The pigment color is guaranteed to match your exact eyebrow hair color for maximum results. You’ll enjoy fine tattooed hair strokes that can stand alone if excessive hair loss is present or blend with natural hair if that option is available as well. While some women prefer to have their eyebrows done due to thinning or for specific medical reasons, others simply like the possibility of having fuller brows just because they want to. Either way, it’s important to know the best ways to prolong your results.

Just like you might experience fading with hair coloring or body tattoos, so too will you need a touch-up with microblading for your eyebrows. This is perfectly understandable as nothing is completely permanent. You’ll want to get a touch-up at least once a year to boost that fading pigment color. This is certainly very little to ask of the client considering the fact that microblading offers you anywhere from a year to a year and a half of excellent results.

Experience It for Yourself

If microblading for your eyebrows seems like something you’d be bold enough to do, you’ll surely enjoy how simple and easy the procedure is. You’ll be in and out the door in just a few hours. Not to mention, our permanent makeup artists at AK Lounge can leave you with luscious eyebrows that are thick and full of definition.

For pricing or to book an appointment, visit our website, phone our salon, or stop by in person to speak to Kenny! He’s here to give you those eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of.

July 3, 2017

Kenny is the best ever! He amazed me and could probably even do permanent makeup with his eyes closed that’s how bad a** he is! Love this guy! I would surely recommend him!

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