Permanent Makeup can be a great solution to many of your pesky makeup problems. For one, you don’t have to constantly re-apply makeup on a daily basis. You also don’t have to worry about it smudging the next time your tear ducts act out or you decide to go for a swim. What better way to accessorize your facial features than with permanent makeup for every occasion?


The Procedure

Permanent makeup is the process of applying color pigments to the skin in a non-surgical procedure. Fine-tipped needles and the best numbing cream are used to give sharp results and help the client experience little to no discomfort during the process. Kenny is a notable permanent cosmetic expert and tattoo artist and will meet with all clients one-on-one to guarantee that everyone is happy and satisfied with the work done at the end of the appointment.

Choose What’s Right for You

You can choose from a variety of unique and individualized permanent makeup procedures. Maybe you want to define your lips with lip liner or add a dash of color with a full lip color application. Perhaps your eyes could use a bit of sprucing up as well. You can get your eyeshadow applied or make your eyes pop with a coating of eyeliner. You can also get your eyebrows done in a simple and subtle way or go all out with a 3D eyebrow procedure for the ultimate realistic look. If you suffer from dark circles or other signs of aging around your eyes, you can have under eye concealer applied to your skin to help replenish and revitalize your appearance. Lastly, we offer services for cancer patients who have experienced areola disfiguration due to surgery. Touch-ups are recommended to ensure longer-lasting results and a better overall experience.

Know the Facts

If you’ve read this far then you should feel more enlightened knowing exactly what a permanent makeup procedure looks like and all of the different options you can choose from to get the look that suits you best. Kenny offers all of these services to potential clients looking to improve the appearance of their skin. On our website, you can find out even more information and helpful tips on how to prepare for your procedure and how to treat your skin after it’s done. Visit the Permanent Cosmetics page for the inside scoop on various permanent makeup procedures and pricing. The AK Lounge is the perfect place to be for all of your cosmetic needs!

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