Many women come to us looking to enhance their lips. Some want to add definition and fullness others want to enlarge thin lips or minimize the appearance of large lips. Thankfully, a permanent makeup artist can help you achieve your lip enhancement goals.

Permanent Lip Color

If you want your lips to have that perfect look all day long then we highly recommend the permanent lip color procedure. We can help you pick the perfect color and apply it to look as natural as possible. Permanent lip color can also deemphasize age lines around the lips allowing you to look as young as you feel. Plus, you never have to worry about reapplying your lipstick!Permanent Makeup - Lips

Permanent Lip Liner

Lip liner can dramatically affect your overall look. It can be applied very lightly for a natural look or heavily for those who want a more vivid one. Many people opt for a more natural look, but we will always custom-blend the pigments to achieve the perfect color for you.

Contact Us

Still on the fence? Give us a call for a free consultation. We can tell you what the procedure is like and what to expect after it’s over. We’ve completed this procedure for many clients and would be happy to share before and after pictures with you. Contact us and let us show you how permanent lip color can help intensify your natural beauty.

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