Are you suffering from hair loss or thinning hair? Do you want to enhance the affected areas with a realistic and 3D effect? The AK Lounge is the place to be for any 3D hair tattoo services you may need. The exceptionally talented artist Kenny will work with your individual needs to create that custom look that is perfect for you.

A Natural Look

If you feel like your hair is lacking that thickness and rich feel, then you might want to consider having a 3D hair tattoo procedure done. What this means is that your head area will be tattooed with hair-like follicles so realistic that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between natural hair and tattooed hair. Kenny uses only the finest equipment and ink, including the best numbing ingredients for a pain-free process. He will work with you to find that right size and color to give you those natural-looking hair strokes that blend right in and complement you perfectly. If you’re looking for a 3D enhancement for your hair, Kenny’s tattoo services are definitely the way to go.

Meet the Artist

Kenneth Plaster (Kenny) is an accomplished tattoo artist and permanent cosmetics expert. He has been perfecting his techniques and skills over the past 12 years that he has been in this industry. He has worked with leading artists and has participated in various classes, workshops, expos, and shows. His passion for tattooing and providing a professional experience from beginning to end is what makes him a great artist.

Kenny can give you back that confidence that comes with having hair that is thick and full. If you’ve dealt with chemotherapy or are experiencing the common effects of hair loss or thinning hair, a 3D hair tattoo procedure can add volume to your hair and make it look as if the hair you have is natural.

Get the FAQs

For more information, visit the AK Lounge website for everything you need to know about Kenny and the tattoo services he offers. To find out about pricing, you can go to the Tattoo Services page. For additional information on what to expect and various maintenance tips, you can visit the Permanent Cosmetics FAQ page and the Pre-Treatment and After Care page.

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