Hair painting is a great alternative to using foils to get those magical highlights. It is definitely quicker, more efficient and reduces the time spent in the salon for additional touch-up appointments. When it comes to getting highlights for your hair, hair painting is the best way to go to get those gorgeous locks.

The Process

Hair painting, also referred to as balayage, is the process of painting the hair in nice, random strokes. This gives the stylist the freedom to color any areas they wish while still working from the roots to the ends to give you maximum coverage. By painting the hair in sections, the results are more natural-looking and less uniform. Rather than having your hair wrapped in foil, your hair is instead separated by plastic wrap. In the end, you’ll experience more ease and comfort with the process and find yourself with sexy highlights that others will envy.

Why it Works

While highlights can be done using both methods- hair painting and foils- most people will find that results for hair painting are more satisfactory. For instance, this method gives you a natural finish rather than unattractive lines and striping. You’ll get solid color and even coverage in less time than if you were using foils. These highlights will grow out better over time and will reduce the number of touch-up appointments needed throughout the year. Hair painting is a truly wonderful and modern approach to getting those highlights that complement your base hair color perfectly without the hassle.

How to Use Hair Painting to your Advantage

This method is great for adding color, but it can also benefit you for other reasons than just getting simple highlights. If you want a sexy and edgy look by having darker roots and a lighter tip, these ombre highlights can easily be achieved with this hair painting method. If you have areas of hair that are starting to gray, hair painting can cover those up without having to paint over entire rows. This makes the process less obvious so that you can enjoy that youthful appearance longer.

You can now look more radiant with results that last longer than any other method. It works with both men and women, with any type of hair and any hair color so everyone can benefit from having highlights done. However, those with darker hair might need to use both foil and hair painting methods to get the desired results. Nonetheless, you’ll find that you can experiment with different styles to get the highlights that suit you best.

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