If you’re wondering what exactly a Brazilian Blowout is, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a hair smoothing treatment that removes frizz, adds shine, and leaves you with a fine and radiant look. If you want hair that exudes confidence and beauty, a Brazilian Blowout is exactly what you need.


Protects Your Hair

This treatment provides protection for your hair and gives it a healthier glow. It does this by creating an outer protein layer that bonds with your hair to protect and soften it during the straightening process. A Brazilian Blowout is a great alternative to using a flat iron without treatment. The best reward that women will find is that you won’t have to straighten your hair daily and risk hurting it with the harsh heat and other hair care products you might use.

The results can last up to 12 weeks with the proper acai after care products. You can even wash your hair afterwards and it will still maintain that fine appearance. You can do almost anything following your appointment, such as working out or pinning your hair in a ponytail, without affecting the smoothing treatments.

Works with Any Hair Style

Anyone can benefit from a Brazilian Blowout regardless of hair type. Frizzy, straight, curly, wavy, or coarse hair will find itself greatly improved and healthier after a session with only the best smoothing treatments available. Hair that has been highlighted or colored will also see the benefits immediately following the appointment as color becomes enhanced for a more vibrant look.

Achieve Maximum Results

A Brazilian Blowout can leave you feeling confident and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. All it takes is a simple procedure where the smoothing treatments are applied to your hair and then your hair is blow dried and straightened with a flat iron. Following this and a few additional steps, your hair will look its absolute best. This treatment is pretty convenient and can be completed in just 90 minutes.

It also removes the need to use other hair products to control humidity and frizz as the professional and specialized smoothing treatments provide you with the ultimate solution in one. So rejoice in the fact that you can now have smooth and luscious locks without damaging your hair and instead letting your true radiance shine with a Brazilian Blowout.

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