From a nice blend of highlights to bold and bright colors, this year’s hair trends are sure to make you go crazy (in a good way, of course!). These looks are gaining major buzz in Hollywood and are great ways to spark up your year. Ashley from AK Lounge is your go-to stylist and can make all of these trends happen for you.

Check Out These Looks

For all of the latest in fashionable hair styles, check out the following trends that are super chic and guaranteed to make you stand out.



This technique makes it look like you’ve just spent the day out in the sun. Your hair will have that sun-kissed look to it and you’ll have beautiful blonde highlights to make your hair shine with radiance. The process of bleaching strands of hair from root to tip will make it look natural in all the right places.


This particular trend is great for those individuals who want to have a unique look, with darker hair at the root and lighter hair at the tips. It can really look striking with dark colored hair at the top and a light brown or blonde color at the ends. No matter your choice of dye, this style is very popular and gives you a nice contrast in color.


This technique is quite lovely and adds style all over by giving you added highlights on top and a more subtle look at the bottom. The mix of dark and light colors at the root and a golden color at the bottom really gives your hair the contrast it needs to be effective yet subtle.


For a distinct style, you could try out this slightly subtle ombré technique that gives you a bit of highlight at the top and tons of color cascading down to the tips. This trend is great for people with dark hair who want to add some beautiful golden locks to their overall look.

Dip Dye

Just as the name suggests, this particular trend involves dying the tip of the hair with color for an extravagant look. You’ll clearly see the difference between your natural hair with highlights and the very tip of your strands. This will make your hair look especially fun if paired with bright, bold shades like pink or blue. Even pairing a honey-colored tip will add intensity to black or dark brown hair.

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