Are you ready for a 2016 hair makeover? From rainbow colors and golden tones to everything in between, you’ll find several great trends that are perfect for you this year.

Experience Beauty with a Watercolor Effect

Have you ever dreamed of hair that’s colorful and fun to look at, with creativity bursting from root to tip? You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous watercolor hair can be. With greens, pinks, purples, and blues, these shades are painted on with strokes that are precise yet unique to every individual. It’s as if your hair was meant to be a canvas for the stylist.

How does the process work? First you start out with a light blonde base that allows for those multicolored highlights to shine through. The hair is then dyed by painting on the colors and toned down with water to lessen their intensity. This creates lovely pastel shades for a soft appearance.

Welcome Those Warm Tones with Cinnamon-Swirl

Cinnamon-swirl is exactly what you’d imagine it to be. A dark brown base leads the way for a blend (or swirl) of medium to light brown and blonde shades. There are no harsh lines to worry about as the colors aren’t separated but rather blended. The finished result will be a dark base color at the top adorned with warm and golden tones at the middle and bottom.

Other Top Trends to Consider

Pillowy soft blondes and pastel glamour are two trends that bring out the power of pastels and are great alternatives to the watercolor look. The former gives you gentle light strands that add a soft look to traditional blonde locks, while the latter incorporates lighter and darker shades of a fun color of your choice that is lightened to give off a nice pastel effect.

Ecaille blend and color-melting are two additional trending styles that closely resemble each other and are great options for those that like the cinnamon-swirl look. The former incorporates a dark base and supplementary shades of brown and blonde that all blend together for a look that is continuous in nature. The latter uses a dark base color (like black or dark brown) and lighter shades on the bottom to create a subtle transition.

To enjoy the best looks of 2016, AK Lounge has got you covered. Whether you decide on watercolor, cinnamon-swirl, or other top trending hairstyles, you’ll get everything you want and more. Call (210) 478-9676 or visit our website to book an appointment!

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