One trend that seems to be rising in popularity among celebrities is creating a “unicorn” effect by dying the hair different shades of pink to create a truly vibrant and colorful look. If you’re bold and want to get this look for yourself, the AK Lounge can make it happen.


Look Like a Celebrity

Many famous faces have been sighted showing off their pink locks for the camera. Margot Robbie and Cara Delavingne of Suicide Squad were both snapped having pastel pink hair that complimented them so well. Kelly Ripa was also seen with a similar look a few months ago when she dyed her hair several different shades of pink, from a light rosy color to a vibrant hot pink. Jenny McCarthy went all out with her hair when she premiered her all around, hot pink look for the cameras.

While some famous artists like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have shown off their pink hair in past years, this trend is clearly something that Hollywood is embracing in 2015 too that can make you stand out and look gorgeous at the same time. If you want to feel fierce and have hair that makes you pop, you should definitely give pink hair a shot.

How to Get This Hollywood Look

At the AK Lounge, we are committed to getting you exactly what you want when it comes to styling your hair. If you want a full color treatment, we can do that for you. If you think you’d like different strands of pink in your hair we can give that to you as well. Based on your skin tone, we can match you with the perfect color that will compliment your style and personality, too.

Our main hairstylist, Ashley, can set you up with a variety of services to get you the right cut and color. The AK Lounge also has a portfolio with stunning after photos of clients who have achieved great results so you can feel inspired and confident in the skills of our staff.

Check Us Out

Visit the AK Lounge Hair Salon page for more information on pricing and the full list of services offered here. Come check us out to start following a trend that is big in Hollywood and will help you stand out from the crowd. Getting you that fun and edgy pink hair is just an appointment away!

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