Jump right into this year’s newest hair trend with a lovely opal look. This soft and subtle hairstyle is delicate yet fierce with its array of pastel hues over a pearl base. Say goodbye to rainbow and hello to opal for a new hairstyle that could rival any hair trend.

Why Opal is Worth It

What exactly is opal and why should you get it the next time you step in the salon? It is a gorgeous pearl color mixed in with iridescent shades of pink, purple, green, and blue. You can choose to mix in one of these colors at a time or a combination for a truly unique look. Compared to previous hair trends, this opal one is surely a change in the right direction. Instead of bright colors, you get soft and subtle hues that are more pleasing to the eye. In addition, you won’t have to go all out with hot pink and purple as opal gives you a much more muted version of rainbow hair. This color trend even adds a dash of excitement to the purposeful silver/gray hair that has gained popularity.

How It’s Done

This look is possible by pre-lightening the hair just enough so that it’s a shade lighter than gray. This will give you a lovely opal base color that will accentuate your facial features perfectly. Add in a bit of color with soft shades like pastel pinks and greens and you get a trending style that is sure to last. The key is layering the colors so that they stand out individually but also look great mixed together. Every highlight should look different and unique to give you a look that is both bold and beautiful.

Where to Get This Look

Ashley at AK Lounge is your go-to stylist for everything opal. Whether you want full color done or a base color with full or partial highlights, Ashley can help you experiment with color, cut and style to get you a look that’s perfectly crafted from root to tip. So jump on the opal hair bandwagon today! You certainly won’t want to miss it.

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