For a brand that offers effective hair styling products, PRAVANA gives you everything you need for radiant and lustrous locks. AK Lounge now offers all of these products in a variety of collections that can tackle any problem and give you amazing results.


About the Brand

Steve Goddard founded PRAVANA to help give clients a professional salon experience with excellent results to match. The innovative products that are part of different PRAVANA collections are created to suit all of your hair care needs. From specially-formulated products for styling, coloring, moisturizing, adding volume, and protecting the state of your scalp and hair, PRAVANA is the solution and uses ingredients packed with nutrients, amino acids, proteins, and natural oils to make your hair healthy and beautiful without damaging it.

Aside from using healthy ingredients, PRAVANA products are also contained inside biodegradable bottles for eco-friendly convenience. In addition, this company has a big heart and donates a portion of their sales to promote cancer research. PRAVANA is a big supporter of various charitable organizations and programs and works with communities to lend a helping hand to cancer patients and those that are in need.

The Collections

With a large selection of products, the NEVO collection offers a healthier experience for your hair with a caring purpose in mind. The NEVO color enhancer products give you lasting color so that you don’t have to go to the salon for constant touch-ups. This collection also has a variety of reparative and moisture rich shampoos and conditioners for everlasting and beautiful hair. Lastly, this collection offers unique and effective styling crèmes, gels, and sprays for all of your hair care needs.

The ChromaSilk VIVIDS collection offers protection for your hair color while cleansing, enhancing, and sealing in color for long-lasting results. You can choose from shampoo, conditioner and spray that are made with natural botanicals, proteins and oils to give you the ultimate protection.

The BIOJEN 9 collection is all about giving you a healthy scalp and increased hair growth for luscious and radiant hair. There are several products to choose from that can give you optimal results. With several hair and scalp products at your disposal, you can have strong and healthy hair with ease.

The PURE LIGHT collection helps enhance lighter colored hair to showcase your radiant beauty. The Pure Light Brightening products are available in both a shampoo and conditioner that have special amino acids to effectively brighten blonde or silver/white hair. Both contain soothing botanicals to give ultimate protection and strength. The Power Lightener lifts and lightens color to help bring out your natural tones.

Available at the AK Lounge

All of these collections are now offered here at AK Lounge. If you want brilliant hair color, added strength and protection, come on by and start browsing our selection of PRAVANA hair care products today!


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