Brazilian Blowout

Do you ever wonder how professionals at the salon make it look so easy to give you beautiful straight hair? Wonder no more! In this blog, we walk you through the exact steps and tools needed to blow dry your hair straight and give yourself beautiful straight hair at home. Before we get started, it’s important to note that the first thing needed to make blowdrying your hair straight easier is having all the professional tools and products that they use at the salon available at home. Some personal recommendations are listed below

Step 1

Start with clean hair that is already 75% dry. Trying to blow dry your hair straight out of the shower when it’s super wet is not ideal due to the amount of extra time it takes to dry it. Plus, damage to your hair also occurs the longer you put heat on your hair. If you apply a heat protectant when the hair is wet, make sure to do so when it’s freshly wet. That way the water helps distribute the product evenly. When the hair is almost 75% dry, you can sometimes get too much product in one area due to the lack of water.

Step 2

Get your blow dryer, brush and clips out. Clip up about 3/4 of your hair and turn the blow dryer on medium heat. Point the flow of air going down and use your brush to comb the hair, allowing the warm air to get in between strands. Never allow the air flow to blow the hair around crazily. This will cause extra frizz in the hair.

Step 3

When you’re done with the first section, bring down your next section and repeat the process in step 2. Continue this process until you are done with the whole head. When all the hair is dry, turn your blow dryer on Cool and use that setting to cool down your whole head of hair before going on to step 4.

Step 4

If additional smoothing is needed, turn on your BaByliss Flat Iron and adjust the temperature between 300-375 (depending on hair type). If your heat protectant goes on dry, apply this now before using the flatiron to detail your hair. Section your hair like you did for blowdrying and flatiron your hair, getting the rest of the frizz or curls out. The trick is working with smaller sections of hair for more control, giving you a smoother style that last longer.

The overall keys to blow dry your hair straight to get a good blowout is good products, good styling tools, and a little patience. Make sure to not skip steps to ensure your style will last 3-5 days like when the salon does it!

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