AK Lounge has created many looks to wow its clients. One in particular, hair extensions, has garnered attention so much so that our hairstylist Ashley will compete against other stylists in the BTC One Shot event for the category title.


One picture. So Many Reasons to Love It!

A big shout out goes to Ashley Johnson from AK Lounge as she was recently selected to participate in the Behind the Chair One Shot competition held in New Orleans this September. This event gives stylists the opportunity to show off their skills through social media by posting their stunning pics on Instagram. The “Extra Hair, Don’t Care” Hot Shot Category will choose the best shot of the year for those extension pics that are ultra-chic and unbelievably real.

See the Best There Is

The BTC One Shot competition isn’t just for hairstylists, though. It recognizes talent in other categories such as makeup, nails, inspiration, and humor, too. This competition features 17 Hot Shot categories and six Big Shot categories from successful stylists to hair experts, respectively. With this much talent in one place, you know you’re going to be in for a treat at this event. You’ll see shots for the best use of braids to the finest in nail art. You’ll also get to see who wins the title for most creative hair style and coolest men’s shot. There is no limit to the talent highlighted at the BTC One Shot competition and you can expect this year’s event to have just as much excitement!

You Don’t Want to Miss This

The event will take place on September 27th, so pack your bags and make plans to check this out. You certainly won’t want to miss all of the savvy stylists that will be featured here to showcase what they got. You can visit the #One Shot page for more information on this event and to order your tickets for the show. Don’t forget to support Ashley as she represents AK Lounge for the best hair extensions shot at this year’s competition.

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