AK Lounge has delivered so many wonderful looks for its clients. So much so that one in particular is featured in Beauty Launchpad magazine as one of thirty styles to consider having. It can transform your hair from simple to sophisticate for a super manly look.


See What AK Lounge Can Do

Men who want to look fierce and change up their appearance will love what we can do at AK Lounge. We want our male clients to feel comfortable and have a great experience with us from start to finish. This is why we offer a surplus of services for our clientele that will make them love their hair even more. We aren’t the only ones that think so. Beauty Launchpad featured AK Lounge in their Men’s Hair: 30 Manly Makeovers for Everyday Inspiration article!

For the latest scoop on the most fashionable hairstyles around, Beauty Launchpad has all of the resources you need for a new hairdo. This is why we are so excited to have AK Lounge showcased here as the place to be for a new and creative look to love.

Check Out Our Spotlight Look

Here you’ll find tons of inspiring cuts for that everyday look, from sleek and suave to crazy colorful. Click here to see the awe-inspiring and eye-pleasing look that Beauty Launchpad chose from AK Lounge for their article. This style is ultra-modern with its soft, pastel blue and green colors perfectly blended with the black hair of the model. This color scheme combined with a coiffed appearance in the front just looks absolutely amazing and will surely keep all eyes on you. It turns a simple look into one that’s fierce yet classy. No wonder it was chosen as one of thirty inspirational looks for men!

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