Kenny is a skilled tattoo artist and permanent cosmetics expert who has spent many years perfecting his artistic abilities. His mission is to provide custom tattoos that stand out and match his clients’ desired wishes. The AK Lounge in San Antonio is where you’ll find Kenny and all of the great services you need to get that custom look.

Get to Know Kenny

Kenny Rocks is a professional tattoo artist who has been in this industry for nearly a decade. He has used his diverse education to showcase his talents at a variety of expos and shows. He has learned from the best in the industry and has the experience and skills to give you all that you need and more. Kenny’s ability to deliver stunning results is also due to the fact that he uses only the best needles and ink and takes the upmost precautions when it comes to the sanitation of his equipment. He takes great pride in his work and delivers a professional experience every time.

Not only is Kenny an amazing tattoo artist, he also has a heart of gold. He has performed permanent cosmetic procedures to previous and current cancer patients for free. He is truly a talented and giving person who puts his clients first. With that being said, wouldn’t you want to get your custom tattoo procedure done by him? You will not only leave satisfied with the work done, but showcase to others how much more confident you can be knowing your ink looks great.

Custom Tattoo Services at AK Lounge

AK Lounge is your go-to destination for anything custom. Whether you want a custom tattoo or permanent makeup, Kenny guarantees a hand-drawn design just for you and will work to accommodate any client and their specific needs. It is very important to go to someone you can trust to deliver only the best results on your skin. Developing a bond with your tattoo artist can help the procedure go by smoother and can ensure you get exactly what you want and nothing you don’t. With Kenny as your custom tattoo artist, you never have to worry!

There are various tattoo services you can choose from aside from receiving a custom tattoo. If you’re looking to cover up an older, undesired tattoo with something better, Kenny can help you with that. In addition, you can also book an appointment to get your tattoo removed. All of Kenny’s tattoo services are affordable and are performed using the best techniques and skills necessary for a flawless finish.

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