When visiting San Antonio, one place you should consider going is AK Lounge where you’ll find the talented custom tattoo and permanent makeup artist Kenny. This is a must-have for those who want custom tattoos and an excellent experience from beginning to end.


Meet the Artist

Kenny is an experienced tattoo artist and permanent cosmetics professional who will work closely with you to achieve the results you’re looking for. He has been in the industry for over a decade and is skilled in the art of custom tattooing, tattoo removal and the covering up of old tattoos. He has worked with numerous up and coming artists as well as professionals, has been featured in multiple expos and shows, and has learned from specialized classes and workshops that have all helped him achieve success and become the accomplished tattoo artist he is today.

What to Expect

Kenny provides consultations and gives professional advice on how to achieve maximum results. He uses only the finest equipment, from high-quality ink to fine-tipped needles, in a safe and healthy environment. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority and we guarantee that an appointment with Kenny is one that you will surely be happy with.

While some artists are skilled at working with particular designs more than others, Kenny always consults with his clients first to accommodate their needs and establish a working relationship with effective communication. When it comes to custom tattoos, Kenny is a true artist and will always provide you with a professional experience.

Learn More about the AK Lounge

Kenny’s custom tattoo services are available for $100/hr. For more information, you can visit the AK Lounge website. Here you’ll find FAQs about proper pre and post-care, additional pricing, and other services available. Having access to the best equipment and tools, individualized consultation services, and experiencing great service throughout your appointment is what we aim for. If you live in San Antonio or are here for a visit, you should definitely stop by the AK Lounge for a custom tattoo.

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