Get ready for a night full of color, beauty and excitement as you attend the annual RAW Artist event featuring a talent-filled showcase with fellow San Antonio virtuosos, including AK Lounge’s Ashley Johnson, who will participate in this prestigious event.

Support Ashley as a RAW Artist

We are proud to announce that our very own Ashley Johnson has been chosen to appear in a showcase of talent and creativity, hosted by the San Antonio Current, for all to enjoy. Ashley will be a featured artist in the annual RAW artist showcase on October 21, 2015 at the Aztec Theater in downtown San Antonio and will appear in a runway show where 10 models will flaunt off exactly what AK Lounge can do. She will appear alongside other growing artists in a variety of genres, from film to makeup, so this is a wonderful opportunity for her and AK Lounge as a whole.

What RAW is All About

RAW was developed by artists, for artists, and seeks to uncover creative souls and provide exposure for independent artists in film, fashion, visual and performing arts, music, hair and makeup, among others. Spanning across four countries and 60 cities, RAW is determined to find those visionary artists that have what it takes to be successful in their fields while encouraging others to take their art to the next level.

All featured artists are eligible to receive an award at the annual Indie Awards Show in Hollywood, CA. One artist from each city and category is chosen as a winner by a panel of judges based on their creative skill and will receive an extra dose of exposure and potential career placement as a result.

Don’t Miss Out!

By going to the RAW Artist event page, you can purchase tickets for this special occasion and check out Ashley’s profile, which features a gorgeous array of photos from her portfolio. You’ll find that she is an educator for Babe Hair extensions and has been in the hair industry for over a decade. Her inspirations include hair artists like Rebecca Taylor and Ash Fortis. She is truly a talented hairstylist and will rock the runway at the annual RAW Artist event coming this October.

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