The right tattoo artist is important for your tattoo to be designed and done correctly. Your artist can help you determine the type of design you want and the optimal placement of the tattoo. You’ll want to examine the tattoo artist’s portfolio. Be sure to speak with him or her about what type and style of tattoos they are comfortable doing.

Many artists have certain styles they are more comfortable doing, such as, tribal art, skulls, Japanese inspired, etc…  Kenny is happy to discuss what styles he’s most comfortable working in and styles that may better meet your tattoo goal. Not only can we help you with a new tattoo design, we can cover up old tattoos and help with tattoo removal.

Call Kenny to discuss your tattoo vision at (210) 478-9676 or schedule an appointment online. Please note, refunds are not available on tattoo services.

Kenny’s Tattoo Services

  • Custom tattoos
  • Cover up tattoos
  • Small Tattoo Removal
  • $100/hr
  • $125/hr
  • $250