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The beauty industry changes daily and consistently keeping up with all the new and coolest trends out there is one of the most important aspects of a professional salon stylist.  Our main goal is to clearly communicate with you about what your end goal is for your hair. Do you want something for a special occasion, do you want something that takes 5 minutes to do in the morning when you’re rushing to work, or do you need a style that may take a little more time to get ready but you’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon? Communication is key in getting the style you really want and need.

Ashley, our main stylist, has been a hair stylist for over 9 years. She’s taken a number of classes in different cities and has had the privilege of studying with hairstylists that have worked on the A team of fashion week backstage.

Ashley’s Services

General Hair Care

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(if you know your hair has to be flat ironed due to high texture of hair please book service with the add on flat iron- thank you!)

  • Womens blowout /styles
  • Womens haircut, blowdry, incl. brazilian split end treatment
  • Womens flat iron or curling iron
  • Brazilian blowout split-end treatment
  • Childs cut blowout


Hair Color, Highlights, Partial Highlights and Other

  • Color only
  • Color and Cut
  • Color and full highlight
  • Color full highlight and cut
  • Color and partial highlight
  • Color partial highlight and cut
  • Color partial highlight partial lowlight
  • Color partial highlight partila lowlight & cut
  • Full highlight only
  • Full lowlight
  • Full Highlight and cut
  • Full lowlight and cut
  • Full highlight lowlight and cut
  • Partial highlight
  • Partial lowlight
  • Partial lowlight and cut
  • Partial highlight – Partial lowlight
  • Partial highlight – partial lowlight – cut
  • Partial highlight and cut
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Extension removal
  • Color Touch Up (must be under 1 inch new growth)
  • Color Touch Up and Cut (must be under 1 inch new growth)



  • Micro cylinder Human remy hair extensions application
  • Micro cylinder Human Remmy Hair (reusable no glue involved)
    • 18 inch straight (20 pieces)
    • 22 inch straight (20 pieces)


Add Ons
  • Women’s flat or curling iron
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